A Brief Overview of Our Chef Theresa Contois

Chef Theresa Contois is part of the First Nation of Turtle Island. She is from the bear clan with ancestry of Anish and Lakota Sioux.

A Shining Student 

She realized late in life her passion for cooking. She decided to attend the Culinary Arts Program at Vancouver Community College in 2008. During this time, she garnered several awards and scholarships, including the prestigious Student of the Year Award. Even before she graduated, she was invited to teach in the Aboriginal Culinary Arts Program at Vancouver Community College. After graduating, she became a full-time faculty member for 12 years. 

The Motto

Chef Theresa has always advocated that “Food is Medicine,” and it is armed with this firm belief that she started her own catering company, Cedar Feast House Catering, Ltd., in 2011 to honour her mother, Shirley Contois, who is the last aboriginal princess of their tribe. She is still with us at the regal age of 90.

The Spirit of Caring 

Theresa uses indigenous aboriginal cuisine to take care of her mother, who has dementia. She also helps raise and support her niece and great-nephew. Chef Theresa has passed on the spirit of caring to her staff, treating us as a family. 

Our Mission

We are happy to serve not just nourishing food but also food that uplifts the soul. Our team is dedicated to great customer service, resulting in many returning clients. All our food is made with love. Chef Teresa truly believes that Food is Medicine.